FaceTime For Windows PC – Step By Step Tutorial (With Images)

Hey folks, we all love to do video chat with our friends because video chatting is quite interesting it’s not boring like chatting or voice calling. So Today I am going to tell you about a very popular Video calling App called ‘Facetime’ which was launched in 2010 with newly developed iPhone 4 by Apple Inc. If you are an iPhone or MAC OS user you are already familiar with Facetime App. Facetime only supports iOS devices, and it will not work on any Android Device. But as the popularity and amazing features of Facetime Increases, Developers found a way to Install Facetime in Windows PC. You can also install imessage for pc.

Since Facetime is an Apple product, it will not work in Android Device, but we have many alternatives available for Android. Being owned by Apple Inc you can get an idea of how amazing and promising this App is. However working of Facetime App is same as any other Video and audio calling App. It is quite similar app like Google Hangouts, Skype, imo, Tango, Glides or iChat. The best part of this Amazing App is that it don’t require any signup process, you just need the Apple ID. While in other Apps you are restricted to run one app each time but Facetime is different from other apps. You can do you other work also during facetime call. So let’s try this awesome app in our Windows PC. The method i am going to share is not official, but by following this method, you can get Facetime for PC and enjoy it in bigger and better screen which surely enhance your user experience. Ok let us now see the features of Facetime for PC application:-

Features of Facetime for PC:-

The Facetime App has many great features, and it works amazingly in comparison of other video calling App –

  • The Audio Quality of Facetime is fantastic which you will not get in any other Video and Audio calling App.
  • Facetime App for PC support full HD video calling without any interruption and delivers you the best quality possible.
  • It instantly connects to anyone, whether the person lives abroad, it gives you best audio and video quality.
  • You can also make voice calls to any facetime user.
  • You will get an option called ‘mute’ during facetime call ie. the caller would be able to see you but can’t hear you.
  • Facetime runs with amazing speed it gives you the option to video chat with multiple people at a time. You can also do a hangout with your buddies.
  • Facetime app uses your Device Data to make video and audio calls.
  • You can convert your phone calls to video calls instantly using facetime app, but this feature is only available for iOS devices.
  • You can navigate other apps on your Windows PC, while you are in Facetime call.
  • It has user friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Easy to use and quick Installation process on any Platform.
  • You don’t need to set up any special account, and you just need Apple ID.
  • The best feature of Facetime is that you can use it for free.

How to Download Facetime App for PC

If you want to Run Facetime App on your Windows PC you must meet the minimum requirement which is necessary to install this app:-

Minimum Requirement to run Facetime App on your Windows PC

  1. You need a Windows Pc version 7/8/xp/8.1/10.
  2. Your Windows PC should have a minimum of 2gb RAM.
  3. It must have Single Core CPU 1Ghz or higher the better.
  4. A Webcam which is connected to your PC.
  5. You need Headset and Microphone, or you can use built in speakers and Microphone.
  6. Good Internet Connection ie. 512kbps above speed for better video calling experience.

Before proceeding further, let me tell you that you need an Android Emulator to Install Facetime App on your Windows PC. There are many Android Emulator are available like Bluestacks, Ipadian, Andy etc. but I will recommend you to use ‘BlueStacks’ Android Emulator as it is the Best and free Emulator among all. Its Installation process is also very easy in comparison of other Android Emulator. So let’s begin our Installation process :

Steps to Install Facetime App on Windows PC

This is the easiest method to install Facetime App which you will find on the Internet. So correctly follow all the steps which i am going to mention below:-

Step 1: First of all, Download the most popular Android Emulator ‘BlueStacks’ from its official website bluestacks.com

Step 2: Now Install Bluestacks App in your Windows PC.

Step 3: Now setup your Bluestacks App with linking your Gmail Account and follow all the on screen instructions.

Step 4: Once you are done with the setup process, you are on the home screen of Bluestacks app with different apps suggestions.

Step 5: Now use the search button provided in Bluestacks app and search for ‘Facetime’ App and click the download button.

Step 6: Your Facetime App is now downloaded, Install it using Bluestacks app.

Step 7: You will need an Apple Id to use Facetime App in your Windows PC. So go to apple.com and set up an account, it is a simple process you need to follow, and you will need this account while using other Apple’s services also.

Step8: Once your account is created use it in Facetime App to chat with your friends, but you will also need the Apple ID of your friend in order to get connected with them.


So this is the complete detailed procedure to Download and Install Facetime App for PC. Unfortunately, Facetime App is not officially available for Windows and Android users now, but following this detailed guide, you can Install it on your Windows PC easily. I wish you guys find this article worthy and helpful. If you guys face any issues during installation of Facetime App on your Windows PC, do contact us in the comment section below we would love to assist you as soon as possible.